Satellite Outdoor Emulator Transponder

The Satellite Outdoor Emulator level is an all outdoor satellite emulation device, designed to provide a way to test SATCOM equipment, without needing to connect to a real satellite. The device can be placed on a tower, in an airplane hangar, on a drone, or in the lab.

O-SAT PlainView.png

Product Highlights

  • All Outdoor IP67

  • Full Ku band Support

  • Easy installation

  • Small form factor

  • Low weight

  • Low power consumption

Main Applications

  • Testing of SOTM (SatCom On the Move) terminals, prior to deployment

  • Testing of Airborne systems while in the Hangar.

  • RND tests of satellite terminals

  • LEO satellite simulation, by the deployment of the transponder on a Drone.

  • Production line satellite simulation for VSAT terminals.

Product Specifications


Data and management:

DC Power:

L-Band (RX) - SMA:

L-Band (TX) - SMA:

Max Output power:

Gain Control:

Frequency resolution:

Internal Generator:

Ku-band (RX) freq.:

Ku-band (TX) freq.:

LO frequency resolution:

Ku-band (Rx) NF:

Ku-band (TX) power:

Ku-band interface:

Satellite Outdoor Emulator

Ethernet ports: 10/100/1000, MIL-STD Connector

12-36VDC, 0.5A / 36DC power consumption

L-band: 950 – 2150 MHz

L-band: 950 – 2150 MHz

0 dBm

20 dB

1 MHz


13.75 – 14.5GHz

10.7 – 12.75 GHz


8dB at maximum gain, 40dB at minimum gain

0 to -20 dBm

Feed horn