All-outdoor IoT & Consumer VSAT


Featuring a software radio, AYECKA’s RFModem-powered all-outdoor PicoVSAT terminal is designed to seamlessly integrate with any VSAT OEM network. The terminal is backed by a comprehensive support program and dedicated API for easy implementation and integration.

Product Highlights

  • The PICO VSAT is the DVBS2 SCPC version of the RFModem

  • Can be used as a low cost, all outdoor VSAT SCPC modem

  • The system receives forward link of DVBS2/S2X with MPE and future GSE, and returns SCPC DVBS2.

  • With its 1W integral PA at the Ku band, the system can transmit back a return link of up to 2Mbps.

Main Applications

  • Data trunking

  • Small SCADA networks

  • DVBS2/SCPC networks

Product Specifications

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