Satellite Simulator


The Satellite simulator provides simulation of a real satellite, housed in a compact enclosure, with low weight, small form factor and minimal power consumption, to allow use in variety of applications, such as in the laboratory, coupled with AYECKA mini satellite chamber, or on a drone. The compact integrated satellite simulator system for tests and measurements of:

  • VSAT RF transceivers and all outdoor terminals.

  • Satcom On the Move SOTM and Satcom on the halt Terminals

  • System calibration

Product Highlights

The Sat Sim is an all outdoor system, and can be used in the following environments:

  • Indoor test bench coupled with AYECKa-RF-Chamber for production and RND tests

  • Indoor signal source within Antenna Compact test range

  • Outdoor installed on building or a mast

  • Outdoor installed on a drone

    The Sat Sim is delivered with the following options

  • Standalone unit

  • Complete set with selected accessories

  • Customized frequencies

  • With customized software for various purposes

    The Sat Sim COTS models support the following frequencies:

  • Ku/Ku: Tx band – 10.7 to 12.75 GHz, Rx band – 13.75 to 14.75 GHz

  • Ka/Ka: Tx band – 18.2 to 20.2 GHz, Rx band – 29GHz to 30 GHz

  • Customized frequencies

Main Applications

  • Test Trancievers

  • Test SOTM

  • Test Drones

Product Specifications


DC Power

Up link Frequencies

Down Link Frequencies

Uplink typical max Gain

Up link Pout

Gain control

Down Link typical Gain

Image rejection

L-Band Frequencies

Tx/Rx band select

RF Interface

IF Interface

Internal Generator

Internal receiver

Control Interface


External Reference clock

Temperature Range

Gain Flatness @ 25°C 

Power Consumption

Sat Simulator

12VDC 1A

Ku: 10.7 – 12.75 GHz , Ka: 18.2 – 20.2 GHz

13.75 – 14.5 GHz, Ka: 29 – 30 GHz



20 dB

25dB @ LO < RF

> 25dB

Tx/Rx band select | Tx: 950 – 1750 MHz/Rx: 950 – 2150 MHz

By command

30mm horn feed Optional SMA 50Ohm female

Up link conversion – F-type or BB I/Q | Down Link conversion – F-Type


DVBS/S2 Demodulator

Ethernet, RJ45

Small form factor satellite simulator. Converts L- Band to satellite downlink frequencies. Converts Ku/Ka band uplink frequencies to L-Band

Supports external 10Mhz reference clock (manual configuration to switch from internal to external)

0-45 degrees Celsius



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