Satellite CDN Applications

Satellite Content Delivery Network

Satellite CDN

AYECKA’s satellite CDN offering is designed to deliver a competitive edge over file-based OTT (Over-The-Top) TV distribution – one of the greatest challenges facing the satellite TV industry today.


With state-of-the-art cloud and edge architecture at its core, AYECKA’s satellite content delivery network solution enables satellite TV service providers to overcome terrestrial infrastructure capacity restrictions, enabling rapid return on investment even in markets with subscription fees as low as a few U.S. dollars a month. The solution delivers enhanced user experience over any screen or mobile device and opens the door to such new revenue channels as targeted advertising.

Two-way connectivity facilitates support for such key broadcasting ecosystem requirements as DRM (for premium content distribution) and detailed analytics. Distribution is not limited to video and can be used to deliver data of any type for diverse applications, such as distance learning, digital signage and more.

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