Wideband DVBS-2X Satellite Modem


The SM1ProX is our newest generation DVB-S2X standard-compliant modem, which boasts a roll off factor as low as 5% on both receive and transmit interfaces. This advanced modem implements MODCODs (Modulation and Coding schemes) with up to 64 APSK (Amplitude Phase Shift Keying) modulation (and optionally even up to 256 APSK). Supports both BUC (Block Up-Conversion) and LNB (Low Noise Block down-conversion), as well as options of 10 MHz in/out and 1 PPS (Packet Per Second) for timing precision, and features a Gigabit Ethernet switch for easy integration with any customer network.

The SM1ProX is ideal for point-to-point connectivity, incorporating AYECKA’s powerful HPP (Hardware Packet Processing) engine to deliver throughput as high as 220 Mbps (600 Mbps bidirectional throughput). It covers a broad range of symbol rates – from 100 Ksps to 60 Msps (and even up to 500 Msps, depending on specific model), and supports jumbo frames and VLAN, L2 and L3 interfaces (with pause frames).

Product Highlights

  • High speed satellite DVBS2X L-Band Modem - supports from very low data rates of 64Ksps, up to 60Msps, and by special order up to 500Msps.

  • Provides up to 350Mbps sustainable throughput in basic version, and up to 2Gbps for the wideband 500Msps version.

  • Provides all the required performance from such a modem - high speed data interfaces, L-band RF, BUC and LNB support, management software.

  • Supports L2 and L3 networking, Jumbo frames and pause frames.

Main Applications

  • Data trunking

  • Mesh and star networks

  • Hub equipment

  • Data broadcast

  • Cellular backhauling.

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