Demodulator for Signal Monitoring


AYECKA’s TC1Pro is the ideal demodulator for signal monitoring, with full support for the DVB-S/S2 standards.

The converter is capable of locking onto to signals ranging from 100 Ksps to 67 Msps, and of transmitting transport streams or BBFrames (Baseband Frames) in their entirety, over UDP, to data processing systems.

The TC1Pro is optionally provided with BBFrame analysis software.

Product Highlights

  • GigE network interface

  • Roll-off- S2 - Roll-off 0.35, 0.25, 0.20 and 0.15

  • Full L-Band, tuner. Tuner filter bandwidth control to cope with strong neighboring signals

  • S2 profiles: – CCM, VCM including short frames + all MODCODs

  • NCR lock

  • Output BBFRAMEs over UDP

  • Fully compliant with ESA L.3 protocol and wireshark GSE dissector

  • Fast lock time 

  • Advanced lock and search modes a. L-Band frequency only b. L-Band + symbol rate c. Relock (no search)

  • DiSEqC 2.x, 500ma LNB power (support universal and professional LNB)

  • Network interface – GigE. 

  • HPP for post demodulation processing such as MODCOD statistics gathering in real time, processing of non-standard BBF

  • Compatible with AYECKA TC1 Analyzer software

Main Applications

  • Video Monitoring

  • Data Monitoring

  • Spectrum Scanning Systems

Product Specifications

Converter                           DVB-S/S2
Roll-off factors                    0.15,0.2, 0.25,0.35
Signal Level                       -35 to -75 dBm
Symbol Rates                     0.1Msps to 64Msps
Input connector Type         F, 75 Ohms.
LNB power                         14/18V, 22Khz, DiSEqC 2.0
Hardware processor
FPGA based
BBF over IP according to SatLab L.3Environmental Conditions
Operating Temp. 10° to 40° C.
Storage Temp. -25° to +85° C
CE or equivalent
EMI/EMC FCC part 15, Class A
110-240 AC, 12W max
Control & Monitor
Serial port Serial over USB CLI
IP 10/100 BaseT interface
In band UDP over Gige commands to
Traffic IP address Static or DHCP
Management IP setting – Static Physical Characteristics or DHCP
Detailed SNMP MIB
Software and Firmware are field- upgradeable
TFTP based
2 images saved in internal Flas

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