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Ku IoT satellite router


The AR 1100 is a Next generation IoT satellite terminal Powered by AYECKA’s patented RFModem® technology that enables cost effective IoT connectivity as well as a wide band return channel for video and other high bit rate applications. The AR 1100 Integrates all the elements required for remote IOT terminals in a single outdoor unit designed to operate with small DTH type of reflectors, withstand harsh conditions, and wide temperature range. The product Supports the latest Standards in SATCOM, designed as a software defined radio. The AR 1100 terminal is low in CAPEX –terminal cost, and low in OPEX .

Product Highlights

  • All in one outdoor unit.

  • Low Capex and Opex.

  • Wide band return channel.

  • Ecient access scheme resulting in low service cost.

  • Easy installation - antenna pointing and modem commissioning. supported by a mobile application (iOS&Android).

  • Ecient SWAP – Size, weight and Power. Being compact and supporting energy saving modes for enhanced power saving.

  • Allows secured and private networks.

  • Friendly interface and ease of use.

Main Applications

  • HLS applications such as grid monitoring and border control.

  • IoT backhaul.

  • Security and surveillance.

  • Agriculture.

  • Green energy.

  • Connected car.

Product Specifications

Smart LNB DVBS2X and FSIM      
Standard 10.7-12.75 GHz Rx, 13.75-14.5 GHz Tx (Optional higher frequencies)
Tx Power Ku: 1W
LNB Universal dual LNBs
Channel rate up/down 160 Kbps / 80 Mbps 
Routing NAT, IP forward, Multicast, DNS cashing, UPnP, DHCP
IP Encapsulation MPE According to ETSI 301 192
GSE Based on ETSI TS 102 606 and ETSI TS 102 771(1)
Traffic Interface 10/100 BaseT
Network Interface L3 / L2
Management WEB, REST
Image update OTA

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