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Very High Speed Modem


Very High Speed Modem

The SM-VHS-500 is a very high speed, DVB-S2X satellite modem, supporting up to 460Msps, with time slicing, and up to 2Gbps data delivery rates The modem is designed for operation with GEO to LEO satellites. The modem is provided as a 19” standard rack mount equipment, and as an IPcore for on board platforms, in case of LEO satellite. The modem is designed to operate with a fast-fading link, and includes an integrated point to point ACM system, supporting up to 2dB/sec fading rate.

VHS 500F

Product Highlights

  • Wide Band Modem- Up to 460Msps

  • DVB-S2x, EN 302 307-2, Annex-M

  • Support up to 2Gbps, bidirectional (4Gbps integrated)

  • Over 1MPPS per direction (over 2MPPS integrated)

  • High-rate ACM messages to operate in LEO latency

Main Applications

  • High speed Satellite to ground link for LEO satellites

  • Microwave backhaul links

  • High speed links for GEO satellites.

Product Specifications

Compliant to DVBS2X Standard Annex-M

Up to 2Gbps bi-directional

Modulations supported: QPSK,8PSK,16APSK,32APSK,64APSK,128APSK,256APSK

L-band Interfaces

GSE Encapsulation

N-type interfaces

High speed ACM for support LEO satellites and Ka band links

Rack mount 2U size

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