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Satellite Dish


Things you should know about AYECKA


Established in 2005, privately-held AYECKA Communication Systems Ltd., is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for satellite link-based IP and video delivery. The company’s SATCOM offerings, comply with the strictest requirements and regulations, and continuously drive and exceed satellite communication technology performance standards.

AYECKA's solutions represent an ideal balance of quality, performance and affordability, with a broad selection of state-of-the-art yet competitively priced products for a range of the defense industry, commercial and consumer applications.

Key intellectual property

  • Hardware Packet Accelerator - HDL network processor for satellite signals, is the key technology enabling high-speed modems to be implemented on a low-cost platform, providing maximal line rate without packet per second limitation

  • RFModem - Integrated all outdoor VSAT modem, based on Zero-IF conversion and full modem and transceiver at Ku and Ka bands, Patent # US 9401536 B2

  • Handover technology for LEO and MEO satellites, enabling smooth handover of the ground terminal between orbiting satellites, protected by Patent # US 9,961,008 B2

  • Edge cloud computing for Satellite Content Delivery

State of the art Point-to-Point solutions (single channel per carrier)

AYECKA’s advanced modems are designed to deliver high throughput levels for both Point-to-Point (SCPC) and Point-to-Multi-Point (MCPC) solutions. The company’s offerings present an ideal combination of low VSAT technology cost and high SCPC performance, as well as ground-breaking features like the ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation).

Image by Chris Ried

High-speed IP delivery

All AYECKA's IP data-over-satellite products employ our proprietary HPP (Hardware Packet Processing) engine,
a hardware accelerator implemented via FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to enable processing of the highest possible DVB-S2 channel rates, with no PPS (Packet Per Second) or Mbps limitations.

ACM Overlay

Our patented method for delivering ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation) over satellite for legacy networks is currently the most economical (and U.S.-patented) way to upgrade legacy DVB-S and DVB-S2-CCM (Constant Coding Modulation) networks to the most advanced and bandwidth efficient DVBS2-ACM standard.

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