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MWT - 1100

Micro size KU mobility Waveform Terminal

AYECKA Waveform Terminal - MWT 1100

The MWT 1100 is a Next generation Mobility Modem by AYECKA.
With Ultra Low SNR capabilities, the MWT 1100 is one of the leading modems  in the world in support of mobile small Ku or Ka antenna's. 
The advanced modem can also support distressed antenna environment and allow a reliable steady link even in extremely problematic situations. 
The MWT  1100 is designed to support moving platforms even at very high speed or fast maneuvers requirements. 

Product Highlights

  •  Multiple Waveform Terminal for Defense applications.

  • Hardened Modem for mobility and airborne

  • L-band, Ku-band or Ka-band RF interfaces

  • Supports high speed and maneuver platforms.

  • Supports standard waveforms such as DVBS2X and special waveforms

  • Enable integration of user waveform.

  • Provides RSSI over UDP for Antenna pointing

  • Integrated GIGE switch for easy integration with additional equipment (e.g. antenna controller)

Main Applications

•    Vehicles.
•    Aircraft.
•    Handheld devices.
•    Manpack.
•    Maritime.
•    Search and rescue.


Product Specifications

Standards supported: 
DVB-S2/S2X and proprietary waveforms
Inbound F-SIM, DVBS2X and proprietary waveforms
Modulation Outbound BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK,16APSK, 32APSK, 64APSK, 128APSK, 256APSK
Modulation Inbound BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK
Channel Rate Outbound Up to 60 Msps and 80Mbps sustainable user data
Channel Rate inbound Up to 60Mbps
Inbound Channel bandwidth Configurable
Transmit Frequency L-band: 950-2150MHz, Ku: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz, Ka: 27.5 - 30GHz
Receive Frequency L-band: 950-2150MHz, Ku: 10.7 – 12.75 GHz, Ka: 17.3 - 20.2 GHz
Connection to IDU Milspec connectors
Tx Output Power L-band: max 0dBm. Ku: Max 8dBm, Ka band: Max 10dBm.
Encapsulation Rx: MPE/GSE/Proprietary TX: RLE/GSE/Proprietary

Maintenance Software, Firmware and boot loader are Field upgradable using OTA protocol (Flute)
Networking DHCP, NAT/PAT, SSDP, VLan, Encryption

IP Routing Multicast and Unicast, Static and Dynamic
ODU weight ~1kg
Form factor 29 x 12 x 5.5 cm

Management Web GUI, REST
Operating Temp. -50° to 60° C
Rain 0% to 100% non-condensing

Humidity <100mm/Hr
Certificates CE, FCC, IP69

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