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Satellite Channel Simulator

SAT SIM - Satellite Simulator

SAT SIM – Satellite Channel Simulator

An advanced SDR based, Satellite channel simulator, providing multiple function for ground terminal testing. The SASSIM main functions are:

  • Satellite Channel Simulator

  • RF Recorder and RF player

  • Programmable Noise Generator

  • Digital IF front end


Product Highlights

An advanced, Software Defined Radio (SDR) for real time simulation of a satellite channel, operating in the following frequency bands:

  • L-band

  • S-band (up to 2200 MHz)

  • Ku band

  • Provides one or two channels, with 100MHz (500MHz upgrade) of bandwidth.

    • 50MHZ per channel in dual channel mode

    • 100MHz (500 MHz upgrade) per channel in single channel mode

  • The real time simulation of a satellite channel transfer function includes:

    • Delay

    • Doppler

    • Noise

    • Attenuation

  • Provides long samples of an RF channel recording capabilities, with 100MHz bandwidth, for long durations up to a few minutes (and can be extended by ordering optional larger storage)

  • Provides digital noise generation, with 40dB control range, with single channel bandwidth of 5 MHz up to 100MHz(500 MHz upgrade).

  • The system basic interfaces are in the L-band and S-band

  • The system further provides one Ku/L+S or and L+S /Ku converter, enabling interfacing the system in the Ku band.

The SATSIM can be operated in Static or Dynamic modes:

Static Mode

  • Constant Delay generation, attenuation, noise and frequency offset.

Dynamic Mode

  • The system is periodically configured with the parameters (normally once per second) and generates a continuous modification of the channel transfer functions, including increasing and decreasing of the propagation path, thus automatically modifying the attenuation, noise and doppler.

  • In this mode the system can accept instead of the channel transfer function parameters, a location of a satellite, earth station and target platform.

Main Applications

  • Test equipment for satellite modems, systems and terminals.

  • Recording and playout of signals for analysis or for validations test of systems.

  • Digital IF front end for system virtualization.

Product Specifications

Number of Channels 1 or 2 channels (1 channel at 100MHz)

RF In Frequency Low-band version: 50 – 2200 MHz, Range ​Ku version: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz

RF Out Frequency Low-band version: 50 – 2200 MHz, Range Ku version: 10.75 – 11.7 GHz or 11.7 – 12.75 GHz

Input RF Signal Power Range - 40 dBm to 0 dBm

Output RF Signal Power Range - 40 dBm to 0 dBm in steps of 0.1dB

Reference IN clock Sine, 10MHz,

Reference IN clock input power 0 dBm +/- 3dB

1PPS IN (Optional) 1 PPS

Supported Bandwidth Up to 100 MHz (500 MHz upgrade) in single channel mode.

Attenuation/Fading Range Up to 40 dB in steps of 0.1dB

In band spurious suppression < -50dBc

Output Signal Propagation Delay – Static From 30 mSec up to 1000 mS in steps of 40 uSec

Output Signal Propagation delay – Dynamic 1uS per Sec max.

Output Signal Doppler Shift Range - Static 1 KHz in Steps of 0.1Hz

Output Signal Doppler Shift Range - Dynamic Up to ±1 KHz per Sec

Interference Generator AWGN

Recording length 20 minutes for a 50MHz channel. 10 minutes for a 100MHz channel.

Server High end 1RUI DELL server

Chassis 19” 3U, 75cm depth


Management port Ethernet: 10/100/1000

Traffic port Ethernet Fiber: 100GbE

Power input (nominal) 230 VAC / 50Hz







Operating Temperature Range +10°C to +40°C

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