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Test Equipment

Innovative test equipment for Satellite Communication

Test Equipment

Test Equipment Products
Advanced and cost effective test equipment that has been designed for AYECKA internal usage, is now offered to the general public.
This line of products currently includes a Ku band satellite emulator, and a SDR based satellite channel simulator. Support for additional bands
and also special equipment that is designed to support the new LEO satellite markets is under development and will be available soon.

The AYECKA test equipment product line include:
Satellite Outdoor Emulator  - Transponder
Integrated frequency translator with feed assembly, provides a complete outdoor small satellite transponder which can be used instead of a satellite
to easily test SOTM, Airborne or other mobile systems, without the need to allocate frequencies on a real satellite.
Satellite Channel Simulator - SATSIM
An SDR based satellite channel simulator system, design to provide simulation of a real 
satellite channel to help test equipment under real life conditions., the system provide the following functions:

  • satellite channel simulator

  • RF recorder and RF player

  • Programmable Noise Generator

  • Digital IF front end

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