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Ku band ultra small and efficient mobile terminals


AYECKA is offering a new line of Satcom mobility products utilizing some of its ground
breaking technology developed in recent years.
The new mobility products are using some unique homegrown concepts in Ku/Ka
Satcom terminals such as: "Modemware" ,and enhanced with new technologies such
as RFModem®, Ultra low SNR and top of the line phased array antenna.

AYECKA's mobility products are leading the world in ultra small on the move Ku or Ka terminals.
Disrupting the traditional notion that small terminals are in low frequency and Ku/Ka
require a large cumbersome terminal, AYECKA is proving that it is possible to handle
high frequencies with micro terminals, on the move, at any speed or environmental conditions.

The AYECKA mobility product line include:
AYECKA "Modemware" - The AMW 1100
The new Modemware platform is a Very Low SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
Modem with Strong FEC (Forward Error correcting Codes), and with multiple
spreading factors, supporting wide range of data rates. The Modem is capable
of operating under extreme conditions, including high noise, and high Doppler rates.

AYECKA Mobility Waveform Terminal - The AWT 1100
The AMM 1100 is Next generation On-the-Move (OTM) SATCOM Multiple
Waveform Terminal powered by AYECKA’s patented RFModem® technology.
The AMM1100 Provides bi-directional voice and data communication utilizing
L-Band or Ku or Ka.

AYECKA Mobility Terminal – The AMT1100
The AMT 1100 is a Next generation On-the-Move (OTM) Micro SATCOM
Terminal (MST) powered by AYECKA’s patented RFModem® technology.
The terminal includes an Ultra low SNR modem and a Phase Array antenna
with fully automated pointing .
Provides bi-directional voice and data communication in Ku.

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