AYECKA's Services

Turnkey Projects

Ayecka Offers

AYECKA offers professional services encompassing all aspects of satellite infrastructure setup and operation. Based on many years of hands-on, system architecture and R&D experience - Ayecka offers its professional services. Ayecka's experience is offered to operators at all stages of their project.

Design & Customization

As Leading R&D team, Ayecka offers design services in the SatCom related fields:


  • Digital Communication

  • Digital Video

  • Digital Design

  • RF

  • Design for Manufacturing and Cost reduction

System Arhitecture

Our services include all aspects of setting up an operating solution:


  • System architecture

  • Capacity planning and Link budget

  • Negotiations with satellite operators

  • Equipment selection

  • Site building including antennas and peripheral equipment

  • Installation, configuration and commissioning

  • Support