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AYECKA's Solutions

IP over Satellite

Turnkey solutions, tailored to customer needs

AYECKA offers a wide range of solutions for IP over satellite. Narrow band, message based solutions based on our RFModem™ Technology. The Broadband solutions based on our DVB-S2 advanced satellite modems.
We provide turnkey solution, tailored made for the customer needs. AYECKA products are most suitable for the following solutions


Interactive TV

Smart LNB adds a low bandwidth return path that can improve the overall satellite service in areas poorly served by fixed broadband (and at a cost expected to be favorable compared to cellular-based solutions). The Smart LNB presents an evolution of the Direct-To-Home (DTH) ecosystem. The Smart LNB is a sophisticated transceiver connected to a low cost antenna with an embedded receiver, transmitter and satellite modem based on Ayecka's RFmodem™ technology. The Smart LNB is designed for Ku reception of legacy DTH services and Ka or Ku transmission for interactive applications such as Digital Rights Management (DRM), Multi Screen, VoD, Pay Per View, HbbTV, Social Networking, Voting and more. IN addition the Smart LNB can be very efficient for solutions such as Home Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), etc.



The AYECKA DVB - S2 over IP modems offer best performance per cost solution. The technologies we offer provide end-to-end network efficiency for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint and mesh networks. The unique technology of AYECKA's hardware acceleration allows unbeatable performance in all DVB-S2 modulations and codings. All AYECKA S2 modems support the full range of S2 MODCODs up to 32APSK 9/10, VCM and ACM mode, Generic Stream Encapsulation (GSE), AUPC, PreDistortion and more. AYECKA Backhauling solutions are suitable for Cellular backhaul, IP Trunking, Fiber Restoration, Voip backhaul, P2P backbones. AYECKA modems support spread spectrum and low density transmission for Satcom on the move solutions.


Data Casting

Data Casting over satellite is well known as a cost efficient reliable solution. Aycka offers flexible solution for data and live content delivery to a large number of end points. Our solution operate over multicast or Hybrid IP network. Our SR1 receivers are featured with DVB-S2 technology providing high speed throughput and increased reliability. The data casting solution is suitable for applications such as file distribution, digital signage, digital cinemas and similar applications requires efficient use of the satellite channel at an affordable cost. AYECKA's SR1 (IP over DVB-S2 receiver) is approved by Eumetcast and NOAAPORT.



With the competitive cost of its RFModem™ and diverse engineering capabilities, AYECKA can offer the optimal solution for large scale M2M networks. For the smart grid monitoring and control, for the energy sector (gas, Oil, renewal energy), for border control and HLS applications, for established and emerging markets - AYECKA RF modem offers the optimal communication channel.



Today's News gathering is more than just video, the new media requires new communication channels. AYECKA ST1 (Transmission side) and SR1 (Reception side) offers an IP link from the news to the studio, capable of delivering all types of contents on same physical channel.


With its hardware-based implementation of the GSE over DVB-S2 VCM, both ST1 and SR1 offers the IPDSNG operators the tools to deliver each type of content in different MODCOD, assuring high reliability with optimal use of the channel. AYECKA's hardware accelerator assures that video will be delivered without any timing degradation.



Terrestrial IP over DVB-s2 in KU

For MVDDS (Multichannel Video and Data Distribution Service) AYECKA offers an optimal Link. At the transmission (tower side) AYECKA offers high density, Multi Modulators. At reception side (Customer premises) AYECKA offers the SR1 receiver with its internal switch that allows smooth integration with any return channel.

Hybrid network - MVDDS with Cellular return channel. AYECKA offers a reference design for network implementation based on low cost home router and GSM dongle. 


IP over DBS-S2

Channel analysis and monitoring

With its TC1 and TC1 BBF AYECKA offers IP over satellite network operators an effective tool to forward the satellite traffic, both TS and BBFrames, into their IP network. Conversion to IP allow the operators to analyze and monitoring of the traffic using standard networking tools like WireShark. Advanced solutions for Military markets


With its long experience in developing communication systems AYECKA can offer customized solutions. AYECKA develops advanced solutions for the HLS and military markets.

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