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AYECKA Gateway and Modem Solution for LEO


An integrated space and ground communication solution, with overall management, optimized for LEO constellations.
The AYECKA Gateway, Modem and AYECKA Modemware solution for LEO satellites, is a tightly integrated ground and space modem and HUB system including Network Management (NMS), Multi-modem Chassis and a software defined Modemware for space. The Modemware is a combination of Firmware and Software implementing a modem on a space hardware (Typically an FPGA). AYECKA Modem technologies deliver from narrow band IoT to Multi Gigabit Fiber to space connectivity,  from and to space. AYECKA’s Gateway/Modem Suite, has been designed for the low-earth orbit, CubeSat, SmallSat and NanoSatellite Markets and offers an off -the-shelf integrated and tested ground as well as space components:
- AYECKA Gateway
- AYECKA User Terminal Modem
- AYECKA Modemware for Space

AYECKA solution available for:

Earth & Weather Observation

Data Distribution

LEO space research projects

Intelligence gathering

Space telemetry

VHS 500F

Key Features

AYECKA Gateway
• Supports any number of LEO satellites, multiple frequency
bands (from VHF to Q-Band)
• High spectral efficiency GSL using CDMA and DVB-S2X ACM
• Full support for all IP-based applications
• Full support for encrypted communications (IPSec)
• Advanced network management – Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), VNOs Support, Encrypted and Secured comms, QoS

AYECKA User Terminal Modems
• A verity of available modems – Enterprise, Maritime, Mobility, IoT
• Band agnostic – from VHF to Q-Band
• Highest spectral efficiency

AYECKA Modemware
• Proven on space quailed hardware
• Ready firmware for a variety of SoC types
• Supporting wide band S2X (Annex-M), ACM
• Mission adaptive bitrates supporting 2Gbps from/to space!

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