AYECKA Gateway and Modem Solution for LEO


An integrated space and ground communication solution, with overall management, optimized for LEO constellations.
The AYECKA Gateway, Modem and Modem-Ware solution for LEO satellites, is a tightly integrated ground and space modem and HUB system including Network Management (NMS), Multi-modem Chassis and a software defined Modem-Ware for space. AYECKA Modem technologies deliver from narrow band IoT to Multi Gigabit Fiber to space connectivity,  from and to space. AYECKA’s Gateway/Modem Suite, has been designed for the low-earth orbit, CubeSat, SmallSat and NanoSatellite Markets and offers an off -the-shelf integrated and tested ground as well as space components:
- AYECKA Gateway
- AYECKA User Terminal Modem
- AYECKA Modem-Ware for Space

AYECKA solution available for:

Earth & Weather Observation

Data Distribution

LEO space research projects

Intelligence gathering

Space telemetry

VHS 500F

Key Features

AYECKA Gateway
• Supports any number of LEO satellites, multiple frequency
bands (from VHF to Q-Band)
• High spectral efficiency GSL using CDMA and DVB-S2X ACM
• Full support for all IP-based applications
• Full support for encrypted communications (IPSec)
• Advanced network management – Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), VNOs Support, Encrypted and Secured comms, QoS

AYECKA User Terminal Modems
• A verity of available modems – Enterprise, Maritime, Mobility, IoT
• Band agnostic – from VHF to Q-Band
• Highest spectral efficiency

AYECKA Modemware
• Proven on space quailed hardware
• Ready firmware for a variety of SoC types
• Supporting wide band S2X (Annex-M), ACM
• Mission adaptive bitrates supporting 2Gbps from/to space!

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