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Sky and Space and AYECKA Complete Key Milestone for Next Gen IoT LEO constellation

(12 April 2023) AYECKA successfully delivered the first batch of user terminal prototypes, a key component for Sky and Space Company Limited (“Sky and Space”) next generation IoT LEO constellation. The AYECKA user terminal is compact, low cost and suitable for both fixed and mobile applications. With its fully integrated architecture, including antenna, modem, RF, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and LAN, providing access point to IoT gateways (LoRa and others), it meets all of Sky and Space’s business model requirements for multiple IoT market verticals.

The terminals are designed to operate with Sky and Space’s ground and space segments, utilizing advanced CDMA technology to provide highest possible network efficiency. The integrated modem is implemented using SDR technology for easy future adaptation.

“Delivery of the Ayecka terminal prototypes is a mission critical milestone for Sky and Space,” said Mark Gilroy, Sky and Space CEO. “These small portable ground units are a key element in our goal to provide superior connectivity services to the worldwide IoT community. They offer very simple ‘plug and play’ setup and are very power efficient, only requiring 25 watts. Multiple devices can be easily connected to a single small portable terminal unit enabling multiple use cases. An added plus is their small and attractive form factor. We anticipate the IoT industry will be very impressed with these devices and the service they enable.”

The Sky and Space user terminal is a multipurpose terminal and will be used by Sky and Space customers for IoT applications in such diverse verticals as transport/cargo, maritime, agriculture, oil & gas, construction, utilities, and mining.

Sky and Space will deploy these terminals prior to launch of its first tranche of commercial satellites, expected next year. The terminals will be an integral part of the Sky and Space next generation global connectivity network, designed and built for increased throughput at commercially reason prices.

“We are proud to be working with Sky and Space on this challenging project, providing best of class equipment, technology and waveforms, to support the growing IoT market,” said Avi Barda, president of AYECKA.


Sky and Space Company Limited’s core business is to provide communications

infrastructure and services based on nanosatellite technology and deploy highly

sophisticated software systems that launch, maintain orbit, control, and manage global

communication networks in space.

The Company was the first to build and operate a nanosatellite based commercial telecom

network. Its award winning technology and many nanosatellite world firsts including

propulsionless formation flying and inter satellite communications.

Sky and Space Company has operations in the United States, United Kingdom,

Israel, Poland and Australia.


Established in 2005, privately held AYECKA Communication Systems Ltd., is a leading

provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for satellite link-based IP and video

delivery. The company’s SATCOM offerings, comply with the strictest requirements and

regulations, and continuously drive and exceed satellite communication technology

performance standards.To learn more about AYECKA’s Space Modemware, Gateway and Modem Solutions for LEO – visit or email

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