Smart LNB

All-outdoor IoT and Satellite CDN terminal

Smart LNB

The Eutelsat-compatible Smart LNB is the most advanced and tightly integrated all-outdoor consumer VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) for satellite link-based CDN (Content Delivery Network), IoT (Internet Of Things) and Internet access.

Powered by AYECKA’s state-of-the-art RFModem® core and advanced CDMA technology, and operating with a sub-1-meter dish – Smart LNB is deployed with a simple DTH (satellite TV) antenna – The terminal provides narrowband connectivity for message-based return channel, a-symmetric applications.

Smart LNB offers high performance and availability, supports Ku band reception for TV signals and broadcast data, and Ka-band transmission for transactional message-based large network random traffic profiles.

The terminal is competitively priced, in terms of both initial capital expenses and ongoing operating costs (with message delivery costs comparable to those of common cellular networks).

Product Highlights

  • All Outdoor compact Satellite Terminal

  • Operates with wide antenna size range including sub 1m Rx only

  • DVBS2/2X forward link

  • FSIM/RCS2 return link

  • Compatible with Eutelsat SmartIOT services

  • Ku/Ku, Ku/Ka and Ka/Ka (Rx/Tx bands) models

  • Powerful 1W Ku model

  • Low power consumption - suitable for Green energy operation

  • IP65 Standard

Main Applications

  • Satellite CDN

  • IoT Gateway backhaul over Satellite

  • M2M and SCADA

  • Internet Access

  • Oil and Gas

Product Specifications

Smart LNB                       DVBS2X and FSIM

Standard                         10.7-12.75 GHz Rx, 13.75-14.5 GHz Tx (Optional higher frequencies)

Ka band coverage          18.3-19.2 GHz Rx, 29.5-30 GHz Tx

Tx Power                          Ku: 1W, Ka: 300mW

LNB                                  Universal dual LNBs

Channel rate up/down     160 Kbps / 80 Mbps

Routing                            NAT, IP forward, Multicast, DNS cashing, UPnP, DHCP

IP Encapsulation              MPE According to ETSI 301 192 

GSE                                  Based on ETSI TS 102 606 and ETSI TS 102 771(1)

Traffic Interface               10/100 BaseT

Network                           Interface L3 / L2

Management                   WEB, REST

Image update                 OTA

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