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AYECKA announcing Launch of SM 1 PROX

Advanced DVB2X Modem for Excellent price performance offering.

Kfar Saba , Israel April 24 2022. Having recently unveiled its new 2Gbps VHS 500 modem,

AYECKA is taking another step towards its ambition to become a leading LEO Satcom

modem provider by the launch of a low cost, high performance SCPC modem - the SM1

PROX. The new modem has unmatched performance to cost ratio. The SM1PROX is

a compact unit that supports a wide bit rate range from 100Ksps to 460Msps , at an

attractive price point.

The new modem boasts full DVB 2X with 256 APSK, Embedded wire speed ACM. It has

full support of L2, Annex-M Time slicing, Web based management interface, BUC and LNB

powering and reference.

The new SM1PROX is a fantastic choice for customers opting for very high yet flexible bit

rate SCPC modem at an entry level pricing.

Avi Barda, President of AYECKA: “The SM1PROX is an important addition to our product

line of modems, covering both GEO and LEO markets. I am delighted to offer our

customers this exciting product that breaks the high-cost paradigm for high performance


For more details please contact us at:

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