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Salit Even Shoam Talking about Smart LNB On Women of Startup Nation's

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

I joined Ayecka to lead the exciting project of the smart LNB, a small, low cost, unique all outdoor satellite terminal that changes the historical dichotomy between broadband and broadcast markets. At first we didn’t believe it could be achieved, but it was so exciting and we were so enthusiastic about it, we just couldn’t give up trying. Now, after 4 years of hard and interesting work, with tremendous breakthroughs, the goal is just around the corner. Love what you do, do it with enthusiasm, and always believe you can achieve the goals, even if they look impossible at first sight. Managing a demanding career and being a mother requires being efficient and focused – and loving what you do helps you get there. - Salit Even Shoam, EVP Products & Projects.

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